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Training Assistance for Economically Disadvantaged Families Program Overview

The purpose of this program is to provide economically disadvantaged families with training support from a certified professional dog trainer through a training grant which directly pays the dog trainer for 10 dog training sessions.  The dog(s) must have a behavior issue that may put the dog at risk of relinquishment. Grant awardees agree to specific grant terms and certify that the family is unable to afford private training. 10 grants will be awarded each year.


Dog Behavioral Criteria

The dog(s) must have a behavior issue that puts the dog at risk of relinquishment.  Eligible behavioral issues can include housebreaking problems, inter-dog aggression, human-directed aggression, problems related to over-arousal, or adjustments to living with new family members including babies and other relatives.


Reasons for relinquishment that are not eligible include, but are not limited to, relinquishment due to allergies, moving, or medical issues.


Caretaker Criteria

The caretaker must attest to the following:

  • If the behavior issue is not resolved, the dog is at risk of relinquishment to a local shelter or rescue.

  • The entire family, without exception, will follow-through with the training plan set forth by the assigned trainer and complete a minimum of 10 sessions.

  • The caretaker and family cannot afford to pay a private dog trainer and has an income below $50,000 for an individual; and below $70,000 for a family of two or more.

Trainer Criteria

  • The trainer must be approved by Humane Dog Training Advocates Executive Director or Board President through an application and interview process, which includes submission of video work or direct observation of training skills.

  • The trainer must possess certification by the CCDPT, IAABC, KPA, VSA, or the Academy for Dog trainers, and strictly adhere to LIMA.

  • The trainer must agree to submit baseline video, mid-point (after the fifth session) progress video, and a ‘final’ video (at the 10th session) to demonstrate progress.

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