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Advocates for behavioral wellness

We believe that reward-based training improves dog behavior and strengthens
the human-animal bond and can assist in the prevention of relinquishment to shelters.
Our Mission

The Humane Dog Training Advocates (HDTA) group’s mission is to promote modern, positive, humane, and science-based dog training methods through education and advocacy.  Our mission includes educating pet owners on humane dog training methods; promoting mandates for transparency among dog professionals on methods used; and transparency on the potential consequences of those methods.  It is our hope that through education and support, fewer dogs are relinquished to shelters.


We define humane dog training and management as the use of rewards for desired behaviors; appropriate management of undesired behaviors; and a focus on the psychological and physical well-being of the animal, which includes enabling the animal's choice.  In a humane dog training and management scenario, every effort is made to avoid the use of aversives; and any increase in fear, anxiety, and stress.  


We believe that every dog owner has the right to complete transparency of training and management methods by dog professionals and facilities, including those offering boarding, walking, daycare, and training services.  We advocate for the potential consequences of any dog training or management methods used by each dog professional or facility to be detailed on all promotional materials, including business cards, fliers, and websites.  


In pursuit of our mission, HDTA will plan and implement, goals and activities to include the following:


  1. Educating pet owners on training methods and equipment;

  2. Promotion of the use of humane animal training methods;

  3. Advocacy for transparency of animal training methods used by all dog professionals;

  4. Advocacy for mandating full disclosure of the potential implications of using all dog training methods;

  5. Support of restrictions on the use of shock collars and other aversive tools.

Our Vision

We believe that all dogs can feel safe and relaxed in every training, boarding, walking, and day care scenario.  We believe that reward-based training can be at the foundation of every owner-dog relationship.   We believe that every owner can be educated about dog training and management methods, and be completely informed about what may happen to their dog while in the hands of a dog professional.