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Books We Recommend

Books are a great way to get an overview and introduction to a topic. We have organized books that we like by topic. This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a great place to get started!  For complicated or dangerous behaviors, be sure to consult with a local humane trainer for additional support. 

General training

How 2 Train A _______, Patricia Barlow-Irick 

Don't Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor

Dog Language: An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior, Roger Abrantes

Plenty in Life is Free: Reflections on Dogs, Training and Finding Grace, Kathy Sdao

Mind Games for Dogs, Sarah Whitehead

The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual: A Practical, Force-Free Guide to Problem Solving and Manners, Grisha Stewart

The Thinking Dog: Crossover to Clicker Training, Gail Fisher

When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs, Jane Killion

Carrots and Sticks: Principles of Animal Training, Paul McGreevy and Robert Boakes 


Raising puppies


Perfect Puppy in Seven Days, Dr. Sophia Yin


Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog, Dr. Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin


Control Unleashed: The Puppy Program, Leslie McDevitt


The Puppy Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Guide to Early Training and Care, Paul Owens and Terence Cranendonk


Life Skills for Puppies: Laying the Foundation for a Loving, Lasting Relationship,  Helen Zulch


Training adolescent dogs

Juvenile Delinquent Dogs: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Sanity and Successfully Living with your Adolescent Dog, Sue Brown


Families with children and dogs


Living with Kids and Dogs...Without Losing your Mind, Colleen Pelar


Raising Puppies and Kids Together: A Guide for Parents, Pia Silvani and Lynn Eckhardt


How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid, Dr. Sophia Yin

Please Don't Bite the Baby (and Please Don't Chase the Dogs): Keeping our Kids and our Dogs Safe and Happy Together, Lisa Edwards


Dogs with special needs


A Deaf Dog Joins the Family: Training, Education, and Communication for a Smooth Transition, Terrie Hayward


Through a Dark Silence: Loving and Living with Your Blind and Deaf Dog, Debbie Bauer


Behavior modification for common undesired behaviors


Feisty Fido:  Help for the Leash Reactive Dog, Patricia McConnell and Karen London


Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training the Crazy Dog from Over the Top to Under Control, Laura VanArendonk Baugh


Better Together: The Collected Wisdom of Modern Dog Trainers, Ken Ramirez, editor


Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Malena Demartini-Price

Chill Out Fido!, Nan Kené Arthur 


The Science of Animal Learning and Behavior

The Science of Consequences: How they Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact our World, Susan Schneider

Coercion and its Fallout, Murray Sidman


Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog: The Classic Study, John Paul Scott and John J. Fuller


Domestic Dog Cognition and Behavior: The Scientific Study  of Canis Familiaris,  Alexandra Horowitz, editor


The Social Dog: Behavior and Cognition, Juliane Kaminski and Sarah Marshall-Pescini, editors


The Power of Reinforcement, Stephen Ray Flora


How To Think Like a Behavior Analyst: Understanding the Science That Can Change Your Life, Jon Bailey and Mary Burch


Animal Training: Successful Animal Management Through Positive Reinforcement, Ken Ramirez